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Please let it be known that I enjoyed the postings in the spirit of the holidays.  For those of you are "scrooged" please consider that these postings have more to do with biblical hebrew than many, so relax and enjoy.

And if you are too seriously engaged in your studies to bear a little levity, then consider that G*d placed an oversized gimel (symbolizing a man dressed in camel [beit-mem-lamed]) right in the middle of the Torah (Lev. 13:33) in the word v'hit'galach which translates to mean "and he shall be shaved."  If G*d can have a sense of humor, or be playful, as this seems to indicate, then so should we all sometimes lighten up.  Perhap the world is too much with you.

To those who believe the camel man is John the Baptist, Merry Christmas.
To those who don't Happy Chanukah.  
To all others Happy Seasons or Holidays.

May the Word allow us to learn from one another.

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