Genesis 1:6

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at
Wed Dec 12 19:44:32 EST 2001

Dear members,
I cannot understand something on Genesis 1:6.
with my basic Hebrew:
1)Why does the root BDL take the letter Mem transforming it in MBDL? 
What is the difference in the translation between BDL and MBDL?

I don't think that BDL is the root for Mavdil.  Mavdil is the form 
that means "I separate, he separates, you separate (masculine)", in 
this case - the Rakia separates between the waters above and below it.

2) Why does the word MYM takes the letter Lamed transforming it in 
LMYM? What is the difference in the translation between MYM and LMYM?

Mayim is water - a simple noun.  LAmayim is, either To the water, or 
OF the water, here it means BETWEEN the water, because of the word 
"Bayn" - Bayn means between, and the prefix "La" shows that Mayim 
"belongs" to Bayn in this sentence.


Thanks for any answer in advance,

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