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At 10:55 11/12/01, James Kirk wrote:

>I was browsing through the facsimiles of the Leningrad Codex the other day 
>and noticed that in it Chronicles is placed at the beginning of the 
>"Writings" (in contrast with BHS's placement of Chronicles at the 
>end).  In trying to understand what was going on I came across this note 
>in BHS: "The BHS, following the BHK, deviates from the order of the books 
>in L[eningrad] only in placing 1,2 Chronicles at the end" (XII).  The 
>editors of BHS say nothing more about it and I have not been able to find 
>more explanation in BHK.  Are they following another textual/canonical 
>tradition at this point?  If so, why?

A useful first source for this sort of query is the Anchor Bible Dictionary.

In it, as part of R.W.Klein's long entry under " Book of Chronicles 1.2 " 
you will find this;

In some Hebrew manuscripts from Spain it appears as the first book among 
the Writings, where its worship emphases provide a fitting introduction to 
the following book of Psalms. Its now standard position at the end of the 
canon follows the practice of the Jewish community in Babylon. In the 
Septuagint and associated translations (e.g., Vulgate, Ethiopic), the order 
is Kings, Chronicles, 1 Esdras, 2 Esdras (= Ezra-Nehemiah).

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