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On Mon 10 Dec 2001 (12:12:11), nelson.morales at grupopoma.com.sv wrote:
> Yesterday I heard one pastor on my local chuch saying that Hallal
> meaning is "Mad/insane" and "act madly".
> Is that correct? Is that the real menaning of Hallal or just a nuance
> in some specific case?
 My understanding is that the root H-L-L in the Qal means to shine: as the
 Morning Star (Venus) in Isaiah 14:12. This HeYLeL is rendered FWSFORUS in
 the LXX and Lucifer in the Vulgate.

 In the Pi`el it means to praise or to glory or to be vain-glorious; hence
 the pejorative connotation your pastor mentioned. The Po`el Y:HoWLeL means to
 make a fool of, to shame; the Po`al participle M:HoWLFL means to be mad.
 In the Hithpo`el it means to become mad, as "gfsomsel" points out.
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