Chanukah Humor

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Tue Dec 11 18:04:00 EST 2001

[From Jewish Humor List. Attributed to "Chabad 
News  & Views," published by the Chabad Center 
of Passaic County, NJ]

The High-Tech Dreidel

In a world of 3-D video games and surfing 
the Internet, kids may look skeptically at 
dreidels - no color graphics, no electronic
sounds and no batteries needed. How could a 
toy like that possibly be fun?

Even thought the dreidel has been played with 
by children for thousands of years, kids today 
may find this simple little top a bit "low-tech" 
for their liking. For those modern day kids who
think playing the dreidel game is soooo bo-ring,
here's a new spin on the way we look at this 
favorite Chanukah toy.


You are now the proud owner of a high-quality, 
state of the art "Dreidel" which can make you 
a winner! A multi-faceted, interactive
educational and entertainment micro-system, 
the versatile Dreidel utilizes maximum kinetic 
transfer technology, putting years of wondrous
experience at your fingertips.

Rapidly rotating on its axis, the Dreidel is 
driven by centrifugal forces that defy 
gravitational pull. The Dreidel operates
efficiently on renewable energy sources at
high, medium and low speeds.  Velocity and 
RPM levels are adjusted by the flick of a 
finger. Perfectly  balanced and precision 
engineered, the Dreidel is virtually 
maintenance free. It has no moving parts,
and no batteries or upgrades are required.

TO USE: Hold joystick-like handle in upright 
position, using thumb and forefinger to 
accelerate. Best when operated on smooth
surfaces with low coefficient of friction.
Device may appear stationary, but sound
indicates Dreidel is in use.

After completing its spinning mode, the 
Dreidel reaches its turning point and begins 
to gyrate, displaying various conic sections
as it decelerates. Dreidel will then shut down 
automatically. Quick turnaround time allows 
Dreidel to be used repeatedly. Follow
instruction code indicated above and restart. 

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