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>1.  Chanukah is known as
>a.  The Festival of Lights
>b.  The Holiday of Rededication
>c.  The Jewish Christmas
>d.  The Yiddish Ramadan
>2.  The heroes of the holiday of Chanukah lived in
>a.  Ancient Palestine
>b.  Ancient Israel
>c.  The Occupied Territories
>d.  The Liberated Territories
>e.  A three floor walk-up in Brooklyn
>3.  The Jews of the time of the first Chanukah worshipped
>a.  At the Holy Temple in Jerusalem
>b.  At a less holy temple about ten miles west of Jerusalem
>c.  Wherever they could get High Holiday tickets
>d.  All of the above...except b. and c.
>4.  Suddenly, a new, cruel leader (what else is new?) came to power in
>Syria, whose name was
>a.  Hafiz al-Assad
>b.  Yassir Arafat
>c.  Antiochus
>d.  Antisemite
>e.  Antibody
>5.  This evil leader abruptly commanded the Jews of his kingdom to
>a.  Eat pig
>b.  Eat at McDonald's
>c.  Eat everything on their plates
>d.  Become idol worshippers
>e.  Collect Pokeman cards
>6.  There arose a brave elder among the Jewish people who helped
>to lead a revolt against the Syrians, whose name was
>a.  Mattathias
>b.  Mattityahu
>c.  Matthew
>d.  Mendive the Poet
>e.  Merwin
>f.   Mud  ( His name would have been Mud had he lost)
>7.  Mattityahu (what a relief-that's the answer to # 6) had sons by
>the names of
>a.  Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo and Gummo
>b.  Huey, Dewey and Louis
>c.  Jacob, Joey, Jeremy and Christopher (his wife became less traditional as
>she grew older)
>d.  None of the above 

>8.  The last name of this glorious family was
>a.  Marx (see #7a)
>b.  Duck (see #7b)
>c.  Abu ben Amir (it wasn't easy to be a Jew in those days)
>d.  Smythe (it's not easy today)
>e.  Maccabee
>9.  The town in which the heroic family lived was
>a.  Modin
>b.  Mahwah
>c.  Crown Heights
>d.  Farfallen Heights
>e.  No Place, Tenneesee
>f.   Park Place near Boardwalk
>10. The name "Maccabee" (you wait long enough, you get most of
>the answers) translates to mean
>a.  "May the Lord be with us, 'caus, if He's not, we're in big trouble"
>b.  "Son of a Star"
>c.  "Son of a Gun"
>d.  "Nails," because the Maccabees nailed the Syrian army
>11. Where did the Jews fight the Syrians?
>a.  At Entebbe
>b.  At Natanya
>c.  Through thick and thin
>d.  With blood, sweat and tears
>e.  Pearl Harbor
>f.   42nd Street and Broadway
>12. After many long and agonizing battles, the Jews defeated their
>oppressors. The final score of the war was
>a.  Maccabees 9, Syrians 2
>b.  Maccabees 613, Syrians 0
>c.  Maccabees 11, Maccabees 1
>13. In order to purify the Holy Temple, the Jews had to
>a.  Get a good cleaning person who would do floors
>b.  Get a good cleaning person who would do walls and windows too (now
>that's a miracle!)
>c.  Get rid of the chazar-fleisch
>d.  Get some lamp oil
>14. The oil the Maccabees found was sufficient for only
>a.  One day
>b.  Seven days
>c.  Seven days in Israel, eight in the Diaspora (go figure)
>15  But there was a great miracle, as the oil used for resanctifying the
>Temple ended up lasting
>a.  Until it needed an oil change
>b.  Twelve days
>c.  Twelve days, but for you, eight days
>16. Hannah was a heroine of the first Chanukah, who had
>a.  Five daughters
>b.  No, it was Tevye the Fiddler who had five daughters
>c.  Seven sons
>d.  Six sons
>e.  Five sons
>f.   Four sons and Leroy
>17. One of the great coincidences of history is that:
>a.  Chanukah begins on the 25th day of the Hebrew month Kislev, and
>  Christmas takes place on the 25th day of the Julian  month of December
>b.  Chanukah and charoset (from Passover) both start with "ch"
>c.  Charlie Brown starts with a "ch"
>d.  Chop Suey starts with a "ch"
>18. Among the Talmudic rulings on this holiday is that:
>a.  The lamp must be lit at sunset
>b.  The lamp should be placed outside the entrance of one's house
>c.  The lamp should be set on a window nearest the street
>d.  Your fire insurance should be paid up every year by the beginning of
>e.  Chanukah used to be the day before Tu B'Shvat but the rabbis moved it to
>avoid forest fires
>19. Jewish women are obligated to also kindle the Chanukah lamp because..
>a.  They were included in the miracle, according to Tractate Shabbat,
>b.  They were threatening to picket the Holy Temple according to the to
>feminist magazine Lilith, page 21
>20. One of the major debates in the Talmud involves:
>a. The House of Shammai suggesting that we light eight lights on the first
>night of Chanukah, and then one less each following night and
> The House of Hillel suggesting that we light one light on the first
>night, and then one more each following night
>b. The House of Rubin the Elder suggesting that we drink some 7UP or
>seltzer water after devouring too many greasy latkes
>21. Because Chanukah is considered such a joyous holiday, Jews are
>a.  Forbidden to eulogize the dead
>b.  Forbidden to fast
>c.  Forbidden to cover their neighbor's Christmas lights, especially since
>the concept was taken from the holiday lights of Chanukah, anyway
>22. The special Al-Hanissim prayer is added to religious services and the
>Grace After Meals during the eight days of Chanukah.  It translates as:
>a.  "Thanks for the Miracles."
>b.  "Thanks for the Memories"
>  ( Yes, Bob Hope actually entertained the Maccabean troops)
>23. According to the Encyclopedia Judaica, there were many communities in
>the Middle Ages where Jewish women were forbidden to work while the Chanukah
>lights were burning.  This reportedly led many rabbis of the era to:
>a.  Move to another community that followed a different custom
>b.  Push for a one or two day Chanukah
>c.  Use far less oil in their lamps
>d.  Re-write the stupid rules.
>e.  Marry a gentile wife
>24. A long-accepted tradition of Jews around the world is for the parents to
>give their children:
>a.  Chanukah gelt (money), over the eight days of the holiday
>b.  Jewish guilt (often over money), over the twelve months until the next
>25. On the holiday of Chanukah, millions of Jews all over the world
>a.  Spin the dreidel
>b.  Hang the mistletoe
>c.  Book a cruise for Easter
>d.  Decorate a Chanukah Bush
>e.  Look for Arafat's new address.
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