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> I call upon my Jewish and Christian brothers and sisters to join me.  We
> must act against this invasion of darkness.  I urge all who believe to 
> light
> candles every day beginning immediately.  If you do not have candles, 
> string
> up electric lights, or anything that will announce to the forces of 
> darkness
> that we will not submit.  I noticed this same phenomenon last year, and did
> not have time to call for help from others.  So my family and I began to do
> what we could.  We began with one candle, but the darkness continued to
> encroach.  So we moved to two, and then three, and ultimately eight did the
> job.  I don't know how many candles it may take this year, but I shall not
> cease until the amount of light in each day begins to increase and I can
> know we have warded off evil once more.

Io Saturnalia!

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