Channuka Humor - was "by lot"

Charles David Isbell cisbell at
Mon Dec 10 09:39:51 EST 2001

Dear Friends of B-Hebrew:
As you know, I voted initially for seasonal humor.  But I must bring to my
colleagues a serious situation that may make even humor inappropriate.  In
the course of helping my daughter with a science project over the course of
the present semester, facts of a potentially disastrous nature have become
clear.  The world is losing light!  We have measured carefully, and it is
indisputable that each day is shorter than the previous day.  The demons of
darkness are upon us, and they are winning.
I call upon my Jewish and Christian brothers and sisters to join me.  We
must act against this invasion of darkness.  I urge all who believe to light
candles every day beginning immediately.  If you do not have candles, string
up electric lights, or anything that will announce to the forces of darkness
that we will not submit.  I noticed this same phenomenon last year, and did
not have time to call for help from others.  So my family and I began to do
what we could.  We began with one candle, but the darkness continued to
encroach.  So we moved to two, and then three, and ultimately eight did the
job.  I don't know how many candles it may take this year, but I shall not
cease until the amount of light in each day begins to increase and I can
know we have warded off evil once more.
Thanks for your support.  Please send contributions to my home address.

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