What are Hebrew words for hen and egg?

Peter Kirk Peter_Kirk at sil.org
Sun Dec 9 10:22:15 EST 2001

Shoshanna, since you are choosing to use a language other than Hebrew and
Aramaic for this posting, you see the value of communicating in other
languages. You are not the first to do so. Others translated from Hebrew and
explained the meanings of Hebrew words in other languages e.g. Greek, Latin,
English, and their writings are a valuable (and non-circular) witness to the
meaning of Hebrew words at various historical times. Please at least let
others consider whether these writings are valuable.

Peter Kirk

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> Could you possibly sound more arrogant?  Nobody said the Torah was
> written in Latin; much scholarly literature was written in Latin.
> Again I wonder if you actually read the post.
> The "holders of the tradition" wrote in Hebrew and Aramaic, not Latin.
> Shoshanna
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