MPhil Thesis: Differences between MT and LXX

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Sun Dec 9 07:36:06 EST 2001

Philip Engmann wrote:

> 2. I can't display the Hebrew and Greek letters.
>    Can anyone help me?

First, let me say I've always found Peter Kirk's comments thoroughly
helpful. Take his advice and you'll do well.

I see you're using Unicode for the Greek already! Excellent. Did you
want to add breathing marks, accents, etc. at some point, or keep it the
way it is?

For the Hebrew, using Unicode is even better than for Greek. It is
practically the only way to go because it does right-to-left wrapping
properly. The biblical text in Unicode can be found at (again, thank Peter Kirk
for this link). I imagine you could copy from this page and paste it
into your thesis.

I hope to examine your thesis in more detail when I have more time. The
topic is one of my interests as well.

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