PS: What are Hebrew words for hen and egg?

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at
Sat Dec 8 23:35:43 EST 2001

> Like I said, what does this have to do with Hebrew?

That was already explained.  It was the language of much of the
philology of the centuries before the 20th.  Did you read the post?

> OUR Torah scholars and commentators, whose entire energies were
> devoted to learning Torah and teaching it, and were and are still
> keepers of an unbroken chain of tradition and knowledge spanning
> thousands of years, were not using Latin, nor was the Torah written
> in Latin.

Could you possibly sound more arrogant?  Nobody said the Torah was
written in Latin; much scholarly literature was written in Latin.
Again I wonder if you actually read the post.

I think that those who divorced the Torah from its origin and 
spiritual character, who posit that it was written by various human 
beings, and who proceed to take it apart, word by word and analyze it 
according to grammar, discuss it in foreign languages, including 
Latin, and ignore all the Rabbinic commentators, as if they are 
archaic and knew nothing, are the most arrogant of all


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