MPhil Thesis: Differences between MT and LXX

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Sat Dec 8 11:46:43 EST 2001

Thank you for your interesting thesis. Unfortunately I don't have time to
read it in detail.

Concerning displaying the Hebrew and Greek letters, you may wish to look at
the Biblical Languages list:

To subscribe send email to join-biblical-languages at
Visit the archives at:

I see you are already using Unicode UTF-8 (whether you knew it or not) in
your thesis, at least for the quote marks which come out right (with MS
Internet Explorer 6) only if View - Encoding - Unicode (UTF-8) is selected.
This is good. In this case you should also be able to use Unicode Greek and
Hebrew. In fact I see you have some Unicode Greek (unaccented, so less
problematic) later in the document. Unfortunately Unicode Hebrew does not
yet display with many browsers other than MS IE5+. For Unicode Greek, see
Patrick Rourke's site,

The SIL Hebrew and Greek font systems (including the Ezra and Galatia fonts
and full instructions) are available for free download from But these are not yet
Unicode compatible. See also links to other Hebrew fonts at and to other Greek fonts

Peter Kirk

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> To: Biblical Hebrew
> Subject: MPhil Thesis: Differences between MT and LXX
> Dear Listees,
> My MPhil Thesis investigates the differences between
> the LXX and MT verses which differ.
> The website is
> I would appreciate your comments and criticisms.
> There are two drawbacks though.
> 1. The thesis is on going ie unpolished and
> uncompleted
> 2. I can't display the Hebrew and Greek letters.
>    Can anyone help me?
> Thank you.
> Philip Engmann
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