Ex. 34

Trevor & Julie Peterson 06peterson at cua.edu
Mon Dec 3 06:00:48 EST 2001

>  Michaelangelo was an Italian, and his Bible was the Latin
> Vulgate. As Trevor
>  Peterson has indicated, the Vulgate has "horns" at Exodus 34:29b-30:
>  /Moses... ignorabat quod *cornuta* esset facies sua ex consortio sermonis
>  Dei. videntes autem Aaron et filii Israhel *cornutam* Mosi, etc./
>  So Michelangelo was right about this, according to his lights.

Of course, that just pushes the question back--was Jerome's translation
independent, or was he specifically following Aquila? Since Jerome tried to
follow the Hebrew (and supposing that he had access to the LXX), it seems
that he probably would have been aware of the ambiguity.

Trevor Peterson

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