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Sun Dec 2 12:27:17 EST 2001

At 12:43 02/12/01, Kirk Lowery wrote:

>Of course, the only
>long-term solution to worms and viruses is to use a properly secured
>operating system like Linux (there are *no* viruses for that OS)...

Well, I suggest you let Symantec know this, because their Anti-virus Centre 
is currently listing, inter alia;

                  Discovered on: May 18, 2001

This is a worm that attempts to insert itself onto systems running Red Hat 
Linux 6.2
  and 7.x, and possibly other System V-based Linux versions, that have 
already been
compromised by any other backdoor that has root privileges. It then attempts to
remove any other backdoor Trojans on that system, and then tries to spread 
itself to
  other similar system across the Internet.

Then there is:
Linux.Adore.Worm is a worm that spreads on Linux systems. The worm targets
  vulnerabilities commonly found on default installations of Linux.

I won't take up any more bandwidth, but suggest you go to   for further details.


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