Ex. 34

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Sun Dec 2 10:02:13 EST 2001

I don't understand the question.  We use the word keren to mean "ray" 
of light, all the time.

Are you saying that in Biblical times it didn't mean ray of light, 
and only in modern Hebrew it does?


In Ex. 34 Moses comes down from the Mountain with the skin of his face
shining (in modern English translations). I know there is a long medieval
tradition of giving Moses horns instead. BDB gives Ex. 34 as the only place
where the root KRN indicates shining and everywhere else it seems to
indicate horns of some sort. I think the imagery of "shining" is a lot
better than horns, but personnal preference aside, is there any other
justification for using translating KRN as shining?
Ben Merkle
New Saint Andrews College

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