Aftermath of virus

Kirk Lowery Kirk at
Sun Dec 2 07:48:43 EST 2001

Thanks, Greg, for taking prompt action. For what it's worth, the Lyris
conference software that runs B-Hebrew does have virus checking capabilities,
but its effectiveness depends upon the University of North Carolina's
system administrators.

I have also deleted the infected message from the b-hebrew archives.

Yes, the rule is: never, never, never open an attachment which
you did not expect, or which comes from an infrequent or unknown 
correspondent. FYI, the Pegasus email client (
does a good job of preventing attachments from automatically 
activating. Pegasus is for Windows, and it's free. The Mozilla/Netscape
browser also has an email/news client (I'm using it to write this
message), and it has lots of builtin security. Of course, the only
long-term solution to worms and viruses is to use a properly secured
operating system like Linux (there are *no* viruses for that OS)...


B-Hebrew co-chair

Greg Doudna wrote:

>Yes a virus did go out of my computer in an attachment
>to an email sent to my entire address book (which included
>the b-hebrew list) on Friday night (Nov. 30) about 8 pm
>Eastern Standard Time (U.S.). 
>My programmer brother had the virus itself removed from
>my computer within minutes (and then he gave me his
>Virus Basics for Dummies lecture 101). No reports have 
>come back to me so far of anyone infected from my computer, 
>but b-hebrew list recipients are my biggest concern, 
>since b-hebrew is the only e-list in my address book whose 
>server did not bounce the offending message back to me 
>If anyone was infected with the virus this link will give
>instructions for the virus's removal:
>Also, I would appreciate knowing offlist if anyone
>was infected from my computer. 
>My problem was I had MacAfee virus protection software 
>installed, but had not updated it. (Lesson: it is not enough to 
>install a virus protection program once and then assume 
>protection thereafter; it must continually be updated.)
>After the virus was removed from my own computer 
>I sent out an email letter (about 9:30 pm EST Friday night) 
>to all individuals in my address book attempting to stop 
>people from opening the attachment in the email that
>went out from my computer about 8 pm Friday, and
>giving the link above if needed.
>I deleted b-hebrew from that mailing, however, because
>I thought that the server for b-hebrew would have detected
>and stopped the virus before it was sent out to the list, but
>that was not the case. 
>Greg Doudna
>>This morning I received a posting from "Greg Doudna (sic, with an n; =
>>isn\t the real person Greg Doudha?), subject line: "Re: Biblical Hebrew =
>>Digest No....." containing a virus attachment wth a very long name: =
>>My anti-virus program warned me in tune so I deleted it.
>>Please be advised.
>>Jonathan D. Safren
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