Aftermath of virus

Greg Doudna gdoudna at
Sun Dec 2 04:50:50 EST 2001

Yes a virus did go out of my computer in an attachment
to an email sent to my entire address book (which included
the b-hebrew list) on Friday night (Nov. 30) about 8 pm
Eastern Standard Time (U.S.). 

My programmer brother had the virus itself removed from
my computer within minutes (and then he gave me his
Virus Basics for Dummies lecture 101). No reports have 
come back to me so far of anyone infected from my computer, 
but b-hebrew list recipients are my biggest concern, 
since b-hebrew is the only e-list in my address book whose 
server did not bounce the offending message back to me 

If anyone was infected with the virus this link will give
instructions for the virus's removal:
Also, I would appreciate knowing offlist if anyone
was infected from my computer. 

My problem was I had MacAfee virus protection software 
installed, but had not updated it. (Lesson: it is not enough to 
install a virus protection program once and then assume 
protection thereafter; it must continually be updated.)

After the virus was removed from my own computer 
I sent out an email letter (about 9:30 pm EST Friday night) 
to all individuals in my address book attempting to stop 
people from opening the attachment in the email that
went out from my computer about 8 pm Friday, and
giving the link above if needed.

I deleted b-hebrew from that mailing, however, because
I thought that the server for b-hebrew would have detected
and stopped the virus before it was sent out to the list, but
that was not the case. 

Greg Doudna

> This morning I received a posting from "Greg Doudna (sic, with an n; =
> isn\t the real person Greg Doudha?), subject line: "Re: Biblical Hebrew =
> Digest No....." containing a virus attachment wth a very long name: =
> "V32\...pif"=20
> My anti-virus program warned me in tune so I deleted it.
> Please be advised.
> Sincerely,
> Jonathan D. Safren

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