traditions regarding tetragrammaton?

Henry Churchyard churchh at
Mon Aug 27 01:09:28 EDT 2001

> Subject: Re: traditions regarding tetragrammaton?
> From: Rolf Furuli <furuli at>
> Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 17:13:01 +0200

> All the LXX manuscripts from the second and first centuries B.C.E
> and the first century C.E have the tetragrammaton, either in old
> Hebrew script, square Aramaic script, or as the phonetic
> transcription IAW ( indicating pronunciation).

I'd be curious to see the evidence for this "uniformity"; anyway you
left out the Yodh-He-Waw-He which, when written right-to-left in
"square" letters in Greek ms., was read back left-to-right by Greeks
as the Greek letters Pi-Iota-Pi-Iota, so that the divine name then
became "PIPI" ;-)

> While the Qumran sect and other groups did not use the
> tetragrammaton,

?? Certainly in written ms. they did.

> It is extremely difficult to correlate the KURIOS of the NT with

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