Danger of a virus

Wayne R. Brandow wbrandow at capital.net
Sat Aug 25 23:25:06 EDT 2001

Dear sirs

I am on the Hebrew list.  Is a person by the name of Eugene Quirk on the list?  I opened an e-mail atachment discussing creation which I think was infected with a virus.  The e-mail asked how I was doing, and solicited help (this was the e-mail to which the attachment was found).  After opening the attachment, I later had three e-mails returned from my address book that I did not send.  I also had Eugene's name in my address book.  (I did not put it there). My computer seems okay.  I just wanted to alert people on the list not to open any attachments from me as I did not send any.  My name, Wayne R. Brandow - wbrandow at capital.net.  Thanks,


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