Lilith Myth - off topic

c stirling bartholomew cc.constantine at
Sat Aug 25 15:01:05 EDT 2001

Hebrew Scholars and other folks,

Been doing some pondering of the Lilith myth recently. I am wondering if
Lilith is depicted as associated more with the female agent of seduction or
with the male target of seduction. And if the Lilith is associated with the
female agent of seduction is she depicted as actually indwelling or
controlling the female agent or is she just somehow present at the event
helping out with the process of seduction.

My previous study of Lilith which I did almost 25 years left me thinking of
Lilith as targeting mostly the male but I have had cause to rethink this
question lately and don't have the library needed to do the research.

Thanks for any clarification on this matter. Off list is OK with me since
this is not a language question really.


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