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This came to me with permission to forward.

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>Just out of curiosity, and I know this is B-Hebrew,
>not B-Greek, but the word ouranos is usually translated
>heaven. Is there a separate Greek word for sky? According
>to L-S, ouranos refers to the area above the vault,
>so they must have had the same view of the world as the
>orientals. Also according to L-S, the gods live on top
>of the vault, which is solid, and in the ouranos.

One great benefit of having an electronic-edition of the middle L & S is 
the ability to do a "reverse search" i.e querying on an English word, and 
finding the Greek listing.
This, BTW, is possible to do also on the big LSJ on the Perseus site.

I have found AIQHR for sky
                    KUKLOS for the vault of the sky
                     POLOS  2. the sphere which revolves on this axis, i. 
e. the vault of heaven, the sky or firmament, Lat. polus, Aesch., Eur.

Feel free to post this to the list ( although I share your reservations 
about Greek on a Hebrew list <g>


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