Egyptian Vowels

Matthew R. Miller biblicalscribe at
Thu Aug 23 17:02:11 EDT 2001

Hello to all,
We know the vowels and thus the pronunciation of Hebrew because of the
work of the Masorites, and by making applicaiton of modern pronunciation.
While we may not be 100% sure of the vowels of Hebrew as, say, Moses knew
them, we are probably pretty close. Obviously, Semetic languages were
written without vowels, and I am currently learning the Egyptian
hieroglyphs. Scholars have conveniently made every vowel to be a German
"e" except after glottla stops, in which case it is German "a." My
question is this: Is there any wya at all to ascertain any degree of
confidence regarding the real vowels of the ancient Egyptians? Thanks,
Matthew R. Miller

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