Text of Isaiah

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I would not think that any translation could better establish the original text than
Hebrew ones such as the MT and Isaiah Scroll.  What the translations can show is that
there were some variations in ancient Hebrew texts (or text families) accepted as
authentic by certain groups at certain times.  This does not necessarily make such
readings "superior" to the traditional or standard readings, just alternatives.
Sometimes, interesting alternatives.

You might find _The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible_ by Martin Abegg, Peter Flint, and Eugene
Ulrich to be helpful.

Solomon Landers

"Kevin L. Barney" wrote:

> I understand that the LXX of Isaiah is considered to be rather
> periphrastic and developed; that it is largely concerned with adapting
> Isaiah to issues and concerns of the translator's own time.  My question
> is, is it sufficient to deal only with Hebrew sources to establish the
> text of Isaiah (esp. MT and 1QIsa(a))?  Or are there places where the LXX
> or other ancient versions do seem to establish the original text?  Can
> anyone give specific examples where the LXX or other ancient versional
> evidence seems to be superior to the Hebrew?

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