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Walter Mattfeld mattfeld at
Mon Aug 20 12:51:12 EDT 2001

Available is a new article on Eden supplementing my earlier Eden article,

"The Garden of Eden not Aden in the Yemen, but Wadi Adhana/Dhana at Ma`rib

In an earlier article on the Garden of Eden I argued that the port of Aden
in the Yemen preserved the name Eden. More recent research on my part has
caused me to realize I am in error to a degree. I now understand that the
"prototype" or "historical kernel" underlying the Garden of Eden story is
events occurring at the ancient capital of the Kingdom Sheba called Ma`rib.
The problem in identifying the port of Aden with Eden, is its geography. It
lies in a desolate area which only receives 3 inches of rain annually. There
is no garden here.  I  have come to realize that the Koran has preserved a
valuable clue to Eden's location, the 34th Sura mentions two gardens of Saba

Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld
Walldorf by Heidelberg
Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany

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