Atonement Vs. Redemption

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On behalf of the co-chairs, we recommend that this thread be concluded.
While the discussion of the meaning of these terms in the Hebrew Bible are
within the boundaries of our charter, discussion (assertions, really) of
confessional traditions (Jewish and Catholic, in this case) cross the line
of our forum focus.

I agree, and respect you

But how can you discuss such concepts, stripped of their religious 
meanings?  They don't mean anything as mere words with no theological 
background - indeed the entire Torah can also not be studied stripped 
of the theological teachings it was brought into the world to teach.


Since this public forum is composed of members of many different faith

commitments, our forum's charter is designed to help us find common ground
for discussion.

We recommend that members review our charter and "rules of engagement"
found at <>.


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