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Dear George,

Thank you for the reply.  I'll look into it further as time allows me.
Currently I am of the mind that the sacred name is YHVH and not YHWH and the
pronunciation is Yahveh or Yahaveh. I have yet to see anything that would
clearly nix this point of view and being on a very lonely limb is quite of
no concern to me.

Since it cannot be stated 100% by either point of view based upon man's
current knowledge, perhaps the point is best left as it stands.  Since
prayers I address to YHVH go answered, I'll continue to utilize the vav.

Thank you once again for the suggested reading.


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> Dear kyms(?)
> There is overwhelming evidence that WAW was originally a "w" sound.
> Firstly, there is the issue of diphthongs which contracted to holem
vowels. For example,


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