Atonement Vs. Redemption

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Sat Aug 18 05:15:06 EDT 2001

I hope this list isn't going to descend into a slanging match between
Christians and Jews about the New Testament. Please can we respect one
anothers' positions on this rather obvious point and get back to discussing
the issue.

So thank you, Charles, for this useful contribution. I have always seen
"redeem" as reflecting the purchase of freedom for slaves, but it is
important to realise that that freedom is also service of a new Master
"whose service is perfect freedom", to quote the prayer book with which I
was brought up.

Peter Kirk

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> Shoshanna wrote:  "Hashem did not write the new testament,
> however.  So this
> does not enlighten us as to the Biblical concepts of redemption and
> atonement."
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> I strongly identify with the sentiments Shoshanna is expressing.  However,
> let it be noted that the word for "worship" in the Tanakh is `avodah, the
> exact same word that connotes "slavery" to the Pharaoh before the Exodus.
> Does anyone remember the Bob Dylan song with the line, "You got to serve
> somebody.  It might be the devil or it might be the Lord, but you got to
> serve somebody."
> Charles David Isbell

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