Atonement Vs. Redemption

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at
Fri Aug 17 15:04:39 EDT 2001

>It's my understanding that redemption is an economic term.


There was at least one case, in the Torah, where "redemption money" 
was used to cleanse the people from sin.

>When you
>pay money to a clerk for an item at the store, you are said to redeem
>its value so that the item becomes yours, i.e., that you own the item.
>When we sin, we are slaves of sin, but Jesus redeems us so that we
>become the property of Jesus, i.e., slaves of Christ.  This is why a
>priest anoints you with oil by drawing a cross on your forehead and
>says, "You are marked as Christ's own forever."

But this is not a Biblical concept, it is a later invention.


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