Atonement vs Redemption

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My biblical Hebrew isn't the best, but from what I do know you seem to be 
confusing the biblical Hebrew mindset with that of the Christian mindset, 
please correct me if I am wrong.  Atonement and redemption are two very 
different concepts and mindsets, still often translations use them 
interchangeably.  Atonement isn't the same as we think of it today, atonement 
was putting one's sins onto something else, eg. sacrifice, that's where we 
get the concept of scapegoat of, so that one may be forgiven. (The eye for an 
eye concept follows these lines, often perceived very literally, it really 
mean s that there shall be equal, but not exact, reperation for the wrong 
committed) Redemption....that's difficult to explain.  As an example of 
modern day perceptions, In Catholicism, Cathliocs believe that God redeemed 
the world through Jesus.  In biblical Hebrew, it's not like that at all.  Can 
someone help me here?  I'm looking for the right words, but can't think of 
them right now.


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> Can you give me some direction so that I might discover the essential 
> distinction between the biblical Hebrew concept of atonement versus 
> redemption?
> In many works they are portrayed as being virtually the same.
> John S. Waldrip

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