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Thu Aug 16 16:25:32 EDT 2001

I excuse myself for following indecent selfpromotion.

I am happy to mention, my chronology homepage was completed after long with a new 
original paper, called quite unattractively : EXODUS - THE TESTIMONY OF THE 
EGYPTIAN SOURCES, as well with a translation of the "Admonitions of Ipuwer" and 
of the Balaam text from Deir Alla, which are under discussion.

It has to offer appart of the message contained in the title, some little 
surprise, for example, such as the observation, documented by hard astronomical 
facts, that the biblical (non-lunar) calendar began in fact a couple of months 
later as the modern jewish calendar, more or the less simultanous with the 
Egyptian Sothic New Year.

I wish you a good time reading.

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All the best,

Michael Bányai

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