Hos 4:16

David Stabnow dstabno at lifeway.com
Thu Aug 16 14:30:53 EDT 2001

The second half of Hos 4:16 on the surface says that the Lord will bless
Israel.  (I realize that some interpret MRXB "broad place" to be either
"the plains of Sheol" or "out in the open, vulnerable to attack."  That
aside, ...)  In order to avoid the blessing, which would be out of place in
context, many versions interpret it as a question.

     Like a stubborn cow, Israel is stubborn.
     Should the Lord now pasture them like a lamb in a broad place?

However, it is not marked as a question.  It could be interpreted as a
ironic comment or question.

     "Israel is stubborn like a cow.  Now the Lord is going to bless them.
Yeah, right."

     or, "... and now you're suggesting that the Lord should bless them?
You must be nuts!"  (I picture Billy Crystal saying this.)

My question: Are there other examples of this kind of ironic comment in BH?

Dave Stabnow

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