brw$w and ytrmh

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Mon Aug 13 13:25:39 EDT 2001


I've been trying to analyse two words given in the quote below from 1QS 7:6-7

   6 .. w'm bhwm hyxd ytrmh l'bdw w$lmw [..] 7 brw$w

(I haven't seen the scroll, but I get the idea that the lacuna is very short.)

Here are three different translations of the sentence:

<If he is negligent with the possessions of the Community achieving a loss, he shall
replace them [..] in full.>

{If he has failed to care for the property of the Community, thereby causing a loss,
he shall restore it in full.}

{Se uno e' negligente verso i beni della comunita' rovinandoli, li risarcira'

They all agree on the notion of "in full" (br'$w, "in its sum", BDB), but I can't
get that from brw$w (which seems to me to be possibly "in his/its poverty"). How do
people analyse this word?

All the translations seem to agree on the notion of neglect for ytrmh, but,
according to BDB, rmh is heavier than neglect (deceit). Am I missing something?



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