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Hello Andre,

I have written a beginer's course in BH (_Learning Biblical
Hebrew: A New Approach Using Discourse Analysis_, Smyth and
Helwys, 2000) that utilizes a discourse analytical model.
It is unique in this respect.  If perhaps you want to brush
up on your BH while learning more about the conventions of
BH narrative, the book may be helpful.  The book may also be
helpful in that it combines the perspectives of several
scholars (Longacre, Niccacci, Dawson, Eskhult, Talstra, van
der Merwe, Berger, Bandstra, Anderson, et. al) into a
unified application, so it has the attendant bibliography
and notes.  The book is available at the on-line booksellers
but I think it is cheaper if you go directly to the
publisher at helwys.com.

Someone has already mentioned Longacre's _Joseph_.  Good
read.  Longacre is one of the two most influential authors
for my book.  The other is Niccacci who may be willing to
share his out-of-print _The Syntax of the Verb in Classical
Hebrew Prose_ with you.  Last I knew he may be contacted at
Studium Biblicum Franciscanum sbfnet at netvision.net.il.

Hoping to help,

> Hi. I am particularly interested in learning more about
the conventions of
> Biblical Hebrew narrative. Anyone able to recommend
relevant books written
> either from a textlinguistic or literary analyis (in any
of its many
> forms)point of view?
> Many thanks.
> Andre

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