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Sat Aug 11 09:44:41 EDT 2001

In several of the Hebrew grammars that I consult it is often set forth that the vav consonant was originally waw in BH.  I have not, as of yet, been able to determine precisely how this thought was arrived at and whether or not the truth of the matter is that nobody actually knows and the waw idea is just based on hypothesis or conjecture.  My first thought was that since the vav was intermittantly used as a vowel, that perhaps this is how the waw idea came about; since a hard V sound wouldn't generally be associated with a vowel sound.

If it would be possible for someone to lend time to responding this query, I'd appreciate an as detailed as possible rendition of the matter so I can look into it on my own further and come to my own conclusion.  Thank you in advance.

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