Deconstructing Rohl's Chronology

Walter Mattfeld mattfeld at
Thu Aug 9 17:35:13 EDT 2001

Available at my website is an article titled "Deconstructing Rohl's
Chronology". David Rohl is well known to millions of viewers via a TV series
that presented his re-dating of archaeological eras, said reconstruction
suppossedly verifying the Bible's presentation of many historical scenarios.
Rohl advances the notion that Solomon is a Late Bronze Age King. My
investigations into surface surveys conducted by the Israeli Antiquities
Authority ca. 1986, reveal that certain cities and towns appearing in the
narratives about Samuel, King Saul and his son Jonathan, like Michmash,
Mizpah and Geba (1 Sam 13 & 14) did not come into existence until Iron Age
times. This means that Saul cannot be a Late Bronze Age king. If interested
just click on the following url to access the article

All the best, Walter

Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld
Walldorf by Heidelberg
Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany

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