Hebrew narrative

james clark parker mattone at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 8 13:59:12 EDT 2001

> Hi. I am particularly interested in learning more about the conventions of
> Biblical Hebrew narrative. Anyone able to recommend relevant books written
> either from a textlinguistic or literary analyis (in any of its many
> forms)point of view?
> Many thanks.
> Andre

I would suggest the following books on the subject of Hebrew Narrative.
  Richard Pratt's "He Gave Us Stories"
  Ryken's "Words of Delight"

Also,Sailhamer's "The Pentateuch as Narrative ", might be helpful to you
as well, and I have also found Ryken and Longman's "Complete Literary
Guide to the Bible"  helpful, as I am a beginner as well.

Hope this helps, JCP.


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