Hebrew narrative

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Wed Aug 8 10:40:28 EDT 2001

     Dear Andre,
     A detailed analysis which may be the most complete and fully 
     illustrated linguistic presentation of some of the conventions of 
     Hebrew narrative is:
     Longacre, Robert E.  1989. "Joseph:  A story of divine providence."  
     Winona Lake, IN:  Eisenbrauns.
     It assumes some familiarity both with Hebrew and modern linguistics, 
     but is quite followable.  There are a number of other works which are 
     also useful.
     Hope this is helpful,
     Paul Schaefer
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Subject: Hebrew narrative
Author:  <landmal at unisa.ac.za> at Internet 
Date:    8/7/2001 6:50 AM
Hi. I am particularly interested in learning more about the conventions of 
Biblical Hebrew narrative. Anyone able to recommend relevant books written 
either from a textlinguistic or literary analyis (in any of its many 
forms)point of view?
Many thanks.
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