Hebrew narrative

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For textlinguistics I would recommend Walter Bodine's _Linguistics and
Biblical Hebrew_ (Eisenbrauns, 1994) as a starting point.  David Allan
Dawson's _Textlinguistics and Biblical Hebrew_ (Sheffield, JSOT Supp 170,
1994) is an accessible introduction to Longacre's methodology and includes
critiques of some other approaches.
For literary analysis I enjoyed interacting with Meir Sternberg's _The
Poetics of Biblical Narrative_ (Indiana University, 1987).
Dave Stabnow

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Subject:  Hebrew narrative

Hi. I am particularly interested in learning more about the conventions of
Biblical Hebrew narrative. Anyone able to recommend relevant books written
either from a textlinguistic or literary analyis (in any of its many
forms)point of view?
Many thanks.

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