BH Syntax

Serge Lyosov lyosovs at
Sun Apr 29 13:34:01 EDT 2001

   Dear Colleagues,
I am finishing a paper on what I call “autocommentary” in BH narrative 
prose.  My claim is that most of the asyndetic clauses in author’s speech 
indicate author’s presence in a special way, i.e. the asyndeton has a 
distinctive pragmatic function, see e.g.  2 Sam 8:14 (a very salient 
example). I looked through most of the standard reference grammars at 
“asyndeton” and “apposition”. Gibson’s Syntax  does adduce a relevant text 
or two, labeling them “appositional”, but otherwise I did not found any 
meaningful mention of the phenomenon. Do you know of any discussion of 
asyndetic clauses in BH prose?
   Serge Lyosov

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