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> I found two cases where _nefesh_ is directly modified by _mwt_, Lev 21:11
> and Num 6:6.  See also Num 19:13; 23:10; and Judg 16:30 among others, where
> a _nefesh_ is said to die.

Whenever a _nephesh_ is dead, either contextually or by _mowt_, it's always a corpse. Lev. 22:4; Num. 5:2; 6:9-11; 9:6-10 reference other non-qualified (by _mowt_) but either obviously or at least implicitly dead _nephesh_; these all cause uncleanness. In my opinion, Psalm 16 is another example; the dead "corpse" will not rot in the "grave." 

Dan Wagner

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