Biblio. ref.: Nash Papyrus

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Thu Apr 19 23:34:48 EDT 2001

Raymond wrote:

>I'm sorry, Ian, but Tov does not give any information on it. The only fact
>from this thesis he refers to, are matters of content compared to other mss
>from Qumran (Exodus- and Deuteronomy-version of the Shabbath-commandment).
>But I trust that the references given by the other members of this list are
>more helpful.

Thanks for your efforts regardless. It was worth the thought. Harold's citation of
Yardeni (which mentions the Idumean marriage contract) seems to be quite useful.
I'll just have to track it down now.

And thanks to Harold for this:

>"The Nash papyrus represents an early stage in the
>evolution of the Jewish cursive script.  On palaeographic grounds it may be
>dated to approximately the middle of the 2nd century BCE." She then
>compares Nash to a dated Idumean marriage contract (176 BCE), and
>concludes, "There is a similarity between many letter forms in [the Idumean
>ostracon] and letters in the Nash papyrus, confirming the dating of the

(Perhaps I should have taken Ken's reference to Yardeni earlier and gone to the
library -- but it was Easter and all was closed!)


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