Biblio. ref.: Nash Papyrus

Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at
Thu Apr 19 15:51:04 EDT 2001

At 19-04-2001 17:13 Ian Hutchesson <mc2499 at> wrote:

> Tov seems very quiet on the subject of palaeography. I wonder how he arrives
> at
> that.
>> Yet the most recent
>> bibliographical reference after Albright's paper is an unpublished MA-thesis
>> from Jerusalem (Hebr.!) from 1990. If you need it, I can give the complete
>> reference.
> Do you by chance know how the subject is approached in this thesis?

I'm sorry, Ian, but Tov does not give any information on it. The only fact
from this thesis he refers to, are matters of content compared to other mss
from Qumran (Exodus- and Deuteronomy-version of the Shabbath-commandment).
But I trust that the references given by the other members of this list are
more helpful.


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