Biblio. ref.: Nash Papyrus

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> I get the feeling there's a bit of circularity going on here, at least in
> regard to Ian's question and what he wants to do with the info on
> the Nash Pap.  He has said that he wants to use the information
> on the Nash Papyrus to bring into question the paleographic dating
> patterns (established by Cross?) used to date the Dead Sea
> Scrolls.  But what I'm seeing in all these references are studies
> that use *the DSS* to date the Nash Papyrus.  This makes me
> wonder if there's a study of the papyrus that will help Ian with his
> project, or if all current dating of it is based on Cross' DSS scheme?

I see your point, Dave but until the DSS came along, the NP was the oldest
text.  The DSS gave us the palaeographic database for the late 2nd temple


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