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>>> I was wondering if anyone had any bibliographical references to the
>>> current understandings of the dating for the Nash Papyrus. I found
>>> a few mentions of from 100 BCE to 70 CE, but I would prefer to have
>>> a nice citable source!
>> I think Bill Albright was correct in his assignment of the dating of the NP
>> (JBL 56 (1937) p.145 and I think the palaeography enhancement of the
>> period by the DSS bear him out over Kahle whose cites I am sure you have.
>> Of course, my passion for palaeography and Dr. Albright having taught me
>> have nothing to do with my opinion <g>
> Thanks, Jack.
> Strangely enough, the one citable reference I had was Albright's 1937 opinion,
> but a
> lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. I'm looking at the
> underpinnings
> of the common palaeographic wisdom on the DSS and I need independent materials
> on
> the matter. So I'm still fishing for the current analyses of the Nash Papyrus.

E. Tov has a paragraph on it in his _Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible_
Assen & Minneapolis 1992, p. 118. However, he does not discuss the possible
date, only gives "from the first or second century bce". Yet the most recent
bibliographical reference after Albright's paper is an unpublished MA-thesis
from Jerusalem (Hebr.!) from 1990. If you need it, I can give the complete

Raymond de Hoop

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