Biblio. ref.: Nash Papyrus

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> >> I was wondering if anyone had any bibliographical references to the
> >> current understandings of the dating for the Nash Papyrus. I found
> >> a few mentions of from 100 BCE to 70 CE, but I would prefer to have
> >> a nice citable source!
> >
> >I think Bill Albright was correct in his assignment of the dating of the
> >(JBL 56 (1937) p.145 and I think the palaeography enhancement of the
> >period by the DSS bear him out over Kahle whose cites I am sure you have.
> >Of course, my passion for palaeography and Dr. Albright having taught me
> >have nothing to do with my opinion <g>
> Thanks, Jack.
> Strangely enough, the one citable reference I had was Albright's 1937
opinion, but a
> lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. I'm looking at the
> of the common palaeographic wisdom on the DSS and I need independent
materials on
> the matter. So I'm still fishing for the current analyses of the Nash

I seem to remember a paper sometimes in the 60's that supported Bill's
era assignment on the basis of comparative palaeography with DSS
texts...none of
which, if I can venture an opinion, were common era. For the life of me, I
remember the citation, Let me know if you find it.  1968 stands out in my
because Bill was still alive when it was published and had mentioned it to


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