BH reflexes of /-inka/, Henry

Vincent DeCaen decaen at
Wed Apr 11 12:15:24 EDT 2001

dear Henry,

did a preliminary survey, and i found some interesting (very rough)

(1) /minminka/ MIM.E^K.F in major pause only (verse-final and half-verse),
all others MIM.:KF^

(2) verb + /i-n-ka/ E^K.F both major **and** minor pause, apparently :KF^
in context; ie, patterns with /i-ka/ E^KF vs :KF^

if so, a strikingly odd result! after all, the phonological strings are
the same. how can pause be sensitive to morphological factors?

and what is the factor? analogy? with what?  or maybe the semantic weight
of the /n/? lexical vs grammatical?

what do you think?
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