Zechariah 1.16

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I would argue that you may be misrepresenting Ezekiel. He never "claimed
that it never returned." The glory of YHWH returns in Ezek. 43, and there is
no chronology attached to the return. The temple appears to be symbolic so
the whole scenario can be interpreted in various ways.
Lee R. Martin

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> Hi
>    I friend and I are having a discussion concerning the "glory of the
> departing from the Temple in Jerusalem, as related by Ezekiel. He claims
> that it never returned. However, I claim that Zechariah proclaims to the
> returned exiles that God has returned--Zechariah 1.16. The RSV translates:
> "I have returned" (the verb form is "shabti" (qal perf.). The NIV
> it as: "I will return." The NKJV translates it: "I am returning.".
> Grammar is about as specific as BilClinton talking about his relationship
> with Monica.
>    Does anyone out there have a suggestion on how this particular qal
> perfect is to be translated, and why?
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