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Thu Apr 5 14:23:07 EDT 2001

Dear b-hebrewers:
   While we were on the subject of "hoy in the prophets," I wanted to mention the interesting use of "hoy" in Isaiah 55:1.  Dr. John R. Levison, one of my teachers at Duke (for those of you who follow American college basketball, the 2001 national champions -- sorry, couldn't resist that) first pointed out to me the cleverness of this prophet's using such a word, with all of its "lament" or "warning" connotations, to introduce a passage with such *positive* implications.  
   As I have continued to study this passage, and others in Isaiah 40-55, I am more and more convinced that we have to do here with a literary figure of the highest order, as well as a great prophetic voice. 


Rev. Reggie Ponder, Jr.
Mt. Tirzah United Methodist Church
Timberlake, NC USA

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