Zechariah 1.16

peterg45 at excite.com peterg45 at excite.com
Mon Apr 2 20:22:25 EDT 2001

   I friend and I are having a discussion concerning the "glory of the Lord"
departing from the Temple in Jerusalem, as related by Ezekiel. He claims
that it never returned. However, I claim that Zechariah proclaims to the
returned exiles that God has returned--Zechariah 1.16. The RSV translates:
"I have returned" (the verb form is "shabti" (qal perf.). The NIV translates
it as: "I will return." The NKJV translates it: "I am returning.". Gesenius
Grammar is about as specific as BilClinton talking about his relationship
with Monica.
   Does anyone out there have a suggestion on how this particular qal
perfect is to be translated, and why?

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