Nine Commandments (correction)

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> The Nine Commandments
> Uncovering the Hidden Pattern of Crime and Punishment in the Hebrew Bible
> David Noel Freedman, Doubleday 2000
> This is not a book preoccupied with the details of Hebrew philology.
> Freedman's project is a very high level structural analysis of Exodus
> through Kings based on the several patterns including:
> command -> violation -> exile
> as well as the pattern set forth in the Ten Commandments.

My previous comments are potentially misleading. Freedman's book does
contain a significant amount of discussion of  Hebrew philology however it
is not a technical book. It is written for an audience similar to the
intended audience for the Anchor Bible series. My second statement is also
misleading since Freedman is not only dealing with "high level structural
analysis" but also with lots of cultural, historical and philological
details. This is not just a book about the literary structure of the Hebrew
Bible, however a proposal concerning high level literary structure is one of
D.N. Freedman's major themes in the book.


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